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Biological products for agriculture

Made in USA

Biologics that will make your plant more environmentally friendly
and increase economic efficiency

Trichoderma Blend is a drug to increase yields
in agriculture

The concentrate contains scientifically selected natural microbes and bacteria that inhibit the development of pathogens and promote healthy plant growth.

Trichoderma Blend allows you to increase the yield of agricultural crops due to a mixture of cultures of trichoderma (green mold) and bacilli (rod-shaped bacteria).

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Биопрепарат для увеличения урожайности

Compost Detach — to speed up compost processing

Compost Detach is an indispensable biological product for accelerating the composting of garden and food waste. Promotes the processing of organic matter into compost to fertilize the soil.
Is effective in large-scale composting such as rolls.

Speeds up the process in all operations of composting, cleaning lawns, gardens, fields from straw.

Does not contain chemical reagents and is completely safe for humans and the environment.

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Touch Treat – to remove dead grass and roots

without the use of any heavy equipment or time-consuming
verticalization(combing the lawn)
Using Touch Treat contributes to water conservation, better allows the turf to breathe, increases the absorption of
In addition, the use of Touch Treat leads to a more mature and healthy peat.
In the process of application, removes a layer of dead material under the surface of the lawn, which contributes to the enlargement of air, water and food in the soil and allows insects and other pathogens to fester better.
Use Touch Treat on golf courses, sports fields and lawns to remove dead grass and roots

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Sunrise is a modern root stimulation drug to increase yield

Sunrise is an indispensable biological product for root stimulation and yield increase

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Biologics MICROZYME™

Unique technologies created in the USA by Bio-green Planet, used all over the world
for the purification of organic contaminants for more than 25 years

Биопрепараты Микрозим — производство США


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