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Grease separators (grease traps), are designed for wastewater treatment, from fat phases, as well as solid insoluble substances discharged into sewerage systems from food production enterprises, catering.

The worst enemy of sewer pipes is the fat that gets into them during the operation of kitchen sinks, dishwashers, etc., in a word, equipment, without which today it is impossible to imagine the work of the kitchen of a catering enterprise (canteens, cafes, restaurants, hotels).

Recently, a grease trap (fat separator) under the sink has become very popular. Its design allows it to be placed directly under the sink in the kitchen, next to it or in the recess of the floor under the sink.

The advantage of this grease trap under the sink over the external one, installed in the well or directly into the ground, is that there is no need to separate kitchen and fecal effluents into separate pipelines, for the installation of which it is necessary to carry out design work, as well as to carry out excavation and installation work. Which leads to a significant increase in the cost of solving this problem.

This device will give you the opportunity not to clog the sewer with grease and will significantly increase the service life of both sewer pipelines, engineering networks, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment systems, treatment plants!

ADVANTAGES of grease traps of the “ZhSB” series:

  • Complete 100% tightness! Odor-free thanks to the threaded sealed lid with an additional seal, which has a significant advantage over analogues with rectangular latch covers.
  • Molded polyethylene housing
  • Waterproof due to no seams
  • Availability of both external and internal ventilation
  • Sludge collection chamber
  • Convenient location of entry and exit points in the separator. (Individual order of entry and exit locations is possible)
  • Recesses for easy movement of the complete separator
  • Socket pipes (d=50mm) are included in the scope of delivery
  • Unlimited service life
  • Easy maintenance


Special offer for canteens, cafes, restaurants, hotels

When ordering from 12 units of tablet forms of a biological product for cleaning the grease trap.

Grease trap as a gift!


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