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Biological products for animal husbandry

Made in USA

Biologics that will make your plant more environmentally friendly
and increase economic efficiency

West Treat Animal – for the decomposition of waste
when keeping animals.

Allows you to easily decompose organic matter – fats, proteins, feces, cellulose, starch – and treat fecal effluents on farms and food enterprises.

The biological product Vaist Treat Animal allows you to save a lot of time for wastewater treatment on farms, and without physical interventions. It is actively used in agriculture in Ukraine – in villages where large farms are located.

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Очистка отходов при содержании животных

Aqua Treat – to improve the livelihoods of aquaculture

is designed for the rapid decomposition of biomass (sludge) and the consumption of nutrients, including ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and phosphates, urea, arising from the life of aquaculture aquariums.

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Ammonium Treat – for drastically lowering ammonia levels in wastewater treatment operations.

Ammonium Treat is a means for the decomposition of ammonia into two components – hydrogen and nitrogen. The intended use of Ammonium Trita is the decomposition of ammonia, the removal of unpleasant odors in wastewater.

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Biologics MICROZYME™

Unique technologies created in the USA by Bio-green Planet, used all over the world
for the purification of organic contaminants for more than 25 years

Биопрепараты Микрозим — производство США


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