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To clean the aquarium and improve aquarium aquaculture

Made in USA


CleanAqua capsules

The CleanAqua capsules contain a blend of six facultatively anaerobic microbial cultures scientifically selected from naturally occurring (but not genetically treated) microorganisms selected to accelerate the degradation and digestion of excess nutrients, including ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, urea and faeces in the aquarium.

The microorganisms in CleanAqua strictly Saprophytic and digest only non-living and dead materials. CleanAqua does not directly affect the population of any aquaculture and is not dangerous

for fish, plants, animals and humans

Using CleanAqua in combination with aeration reduces BOD and COD to acceptable levels.

Mixture of microorganisms CleanAqua

feeds on waste, thereby reducing the amount of waste, and creating a healthier aquaculture environment in the aquarium, as well as reducing the number of pathogenic microorganisms that may also feed on the waste through competitive displacement.

The microorganisms in CleanAqua are extremely effective in producing much healthier and larger yields in typical aquarium operations, provided that a good supply of dissolved oxygen and proper aquaculture feed are maintained.

Packing: 1 jar – 50 capsules

Directions for use: 1 capsule for every 100 liters of water in the aquarium every 2 weeks or as needed.

Content: Capsules contain 0.75 mg of salt with biological properties.

Concentration of microorganisms: 2 billion KOE/g

Total number of microorganisms in the capsule: 1.5 billion CFU

Capsule dissolution time in water: 10-15 minutes


Capsules – transparent and long-soluble. Made from gelatin.

Odor: no

Shelf life: 3 years

PH: 5.5-8.5

Optimum Application Temperature: 20-40°C

Composition of non-bacteria: salt

Storage and handling

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Possible health effects

Eyes: May be irritating.

Skin: Avoid contact with open wounds.

In case of accidental exposure to skin or eyes, rinse with water.

Ingestion: Not harmful if ingested in small amounts.

May cause stomach upset.

Inhalation: May cause irritation of the nose or throat.

Chronic (cancer) information

Can hardly pose a danger to humans.

In connection with the above, you can open the capsule and pour the contents of the capsules into the aquarium, or put the capsules in the water and wait until they dissolve.

Made in the USA

Packed in Ukraine

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