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Biological products for protection against oil and chemical pollution

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Biological products that will protect your company from oil and chemical pollution

Hydrocarbon Treat — for the treatment of wastewater, soil, separators from oil pollution.

is used for bioremediation of all fractions of crude oil, petroleum products and paraffin.
The preparation consists of scientifically selected (without genetic modifications) microbial cultures, which are highly effective in the treatment of wastewater from petroleum products.

Hydrocarbon Treat continues the production of substrates and enzymes until almost complete breakdown of all oil pollution and other organic residues. Several microbial cultures in the preparation create their own biosurfactants to purify emulsifying oils and fats.

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очистка от нефтепродуктов

Chlorinated Solvent Treat is a preparation for cleaning from surfactants, solvents

is used for bioremediation of all types of chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons, foams, surfactants, detergents and ethoxylated hydrocarbons.

The biological product Chlorinated Solvent continues to work until almost complete consumption of all chlorinated solvents, pollutants and other organic waste.

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Parts Washer — for cleaning parts from oils

is used for bioremediation of almost all oil contaminants on mechanical parts. In Ukraine, the drug is actively used for wastewater treatment of car washes, cleaning parts from oils.

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Biologics MICROZYME™

Unique technologies created in the USA by Bio-green Planet, used all over the world
for the purification of organic contaminants for more than 25 years

Биопрепараты Микрозим — производство США


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