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Biologics that will make your plant more environmentally friendly
and increase economic efficiency

Biological product Carpet Cleaner
to remove unpleasant odors of organic origin.

is a concentrated preparation of natural strains of cultures (bacteria and flavoring) that degrade the cause of odor – organic waste. Carpet Cleaner is popular for removing unpleasant odors from pets and for cleaning surfaces after storing organic food (refrigerators, pantries).

The preparation is intended for biological treatment of all organic contaminants and removal of unpleasant odors from various surfaces.

Now you can safely have pets without fear of unpleasant odors in the apartments. Your carpets and furniture will be clean.

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Препарат для удаления запахов Карпет Клинер

Biological product CleanAqua — for cleaning the aquarium and improving aquarium aquaculture.

CleanAqua capsules contain a blend of six facultatively anaerobic microbial cultures scientifically selected from naturally occurring (but not genetically treated) microorganisms selected to accelerate the decomposition and digestion of excess nutrients, including ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, urea and feces in the aquarium.

The microorganisms in CleanAqua are strictly saprophytic and only digest non-living and dead materials. CleanAqua does not directly affect the population of any aquaculture and does not pose a hazard
to fish, plants, animals and humans

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Biologics MICROZYME™

Unique technologies created in the USA by Bio-green Planet, used all over the world
for the purification of organic contaminants for more than 25 years

Биопрепараты Микрозим — производство США


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