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Biological product Sunrise
Modern biological product of root stimulation to increase yields

Made in USA


Bioproduct Sunrise


Sunrise®, developed by Bio-Green Planet, Inc., a leading U.S. biotechnology company.
The product integrates various microbial strains, with broad benefits to improve soil health and promote plant growth. Available in granular form.


The main functions of microbes in Sunrise include:

  1. Root stimulation: Significantly promotes root growth.
  2. Nitrogen fixation: converts non-hazardous elemental nitrogen into available ammonium nitrogen and increases the consumption of this element in the plant.
  3. Solubilization of phosphorus: enhances the absorption of phosphorus by hydrolysis of organic and inorganic phosphorus from insoluble
  4. Potassium solubilization: converts potassium from insoluble K-containing minerals into an available form of soluble potassium.
  5. Reduction of fertilizer costs: reduces the need for chemical fertilizers due to increased consumption of NPK.
  6. Growth hormone levels: induces plants to secrete phytohormones, thereby enhancing plant growth.
  7. Soil conditions: produces polysaccharides that act as an adhesive to bind soil particles to essential substances and thus improve soil structure; breaks down nutrients, large molecules such as polysaccharides, amino acids and aliphatic acids, into small molecules to increase root absorption.
  8. Disease Control and Antibiotic Production: induces systemic resistance in plants and produces antifungal compounds that act to comprehensively improve plant resistance to pathogens, including Rhizoctonia and Pythium.
  9. Produces siderophores: secretes chelated compounds that act as reliable binders for iron.
  10. Enzyme Production: Produces a variety of enzymes that further enhance nutrient uptake in plants.


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Рекомендации. 16-32 грамма на каждый гектар. Вносить с водой при посадке растений.


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